Explanation of Plan

The objective of this project is that the Junction Heritage and Arts Hub will become a central meeting point for, and about the Cemetery Junction community and its history. It will be a place to meet, learn, share, refresh and generally to get away from the high volumes of traffic.

  • Exhibition Spaces. These will be accessed from underneath the arch and occupy the ground floor rooms off both the North and South sides of the arch. They will contain heritage and art exhibitions and displays.
  • Café. This will be joined to the South side of the gateway, (to the right as you walk under the arch. This will be volunteer run and will feature Guest Food and Music Months where the cuisine and sounds from the diverse community of the area can be experienced. There will be access from the café through to the exhibition space on the South side.
  • National Lottery Heritage Fund Activities Room/space for hire. This will be situated on the North side of the gateway (to the left as you walk under the arch). This will be where activities will take place that will help people to develop skills and encourage a wider range of people to get involved with heritage. It will also be a space that can be used by local arts/crafts/other groups.
  • Junction Arch Heritage and Arts Office. Administration centre for JAHA.
  • Community Garden. This will be tended to by volunteers and will feature a herb garden that will be available for all.
  • On the first floor will be two offices that will be rented to local companies.
  • We would also like to encourage more people to visit the cemetery as an outdoor green space. School and university groups have the opportunity, not only to draw on the history and stories that the cemetery holds, but also to take advantage of the nature and conservation opportunities.

An artist impression of how the Arch might look from the inside of the Cemetery and sketches of the proposed floor plans.


(Artwork courtesy of Chris Holborn)